Our Story

Olmedo Lopez’s life dream was to become a business owner, working since he was very young to support his grandfather Próspero (whom he called dad) his mom Arcia and younger siblings in Palmira, Colombia. The thought of moving to a foreign land didn’t cross his mind until he was in his late teens. After meeting María Elena whom he married, they both decided to leave their hometown in pause of a better future for them and for their now growing family.

Maria Elena grew up with her parents Mariela and Miguel, her grandma Raquel and her siblings. She was a student when she met Olmedo, the love of her life, still married almost 50 years later she recounts their story always with a smile on her face and looking back at how much their life’s have changed from their humble origins.

They arrived in NY at a town call Oyster Bay in the mid 80s with four kids: Sergio, Howard, Carlos and Mauricio. He worked in landscaping and at a supermarket, he also delivered newspapers once the kids were old enough to go with him. María started cleaning houses and working at a company called Mil-Max doing quality control for computer parts. They both shared a dream: to have their own business, to share their passion for their country Colombia, it’s culture and food.

In 2006 their second son Howard moved to Georgia with his wife Ana and their daughter Natalia. Grandpa and grandma came a year later and it was here in Lawrenceville where their dream became true when they were offered a small Colombian bakery called Trigos, it was at the time near downtown Lawrenceville but three years later, in 2010 they moved to a bigger location and became a full service restaurant. Their oldest son Sergio came also to lend a hand right before the move.

Its been quite the rider for the whole family, but we are grateful for the opportunity God has given us, without Him nothing would’ve have been possible. We are also grateful for our customers friends, family and employees, without them we wouldn’t have become who we are today.

We thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts!!!